Spa valet has redefined room service as the hospitality industry has known it. We offer the world’s one and only full-service mobile spa cart, complete with a variety of essential accessories that include a massage table, LED lamp, pedi bowl, Basalt stone set, facial steamer, proprietary heat shelf, and a hot towel warmer.

Ideal for a spa owner who is looking to separate themselves from the competition in their market by adding a unique service, our spa trolley can be conveniently set up in a matter of minutes. For massage therapists and estheticians on-the-go, imagine being able to provide mobile spa services at a country club pool!

While Spa Valet and our mobile spa cart are worth learning more about with regards to the spa industry itself, today’s post is concerned with the hospitality industry in particular. As the title no doubt gave away, we will be discussing how a hotel owner can determine if their hotel needs a spa as part of their suite of services offered. It’s fairly obvious to state that most hotels would love to be able to distinguish themselves by offering spa services, but the logistics of onboarding a brand-new service aren’t as straightforward as we would like. Do you have the physical space required? What about the capital necessary for an investment of this magnitude? Would your hotel’s demographic spend the minimum viable amount to give you a return on your investment within the year?

These are difficult questions to answer — especially if you don’t know where to begin. Keep reading if you are interested in ascertaining a helpful framework to help you apply to your unique situation! We at Spa Valet are happy to help where we can.

Taking A Step Back: Why People Go To Spas

While many people think of a physical location when they hear the term “spa,” those who regularly attend a day spa commonly associate going to the spa with a wealth of relaxing and beneficial experiences. Data collected from consumers in this demographic suggests that regular spa-goers are more concerned with the feelings of well-being they get from their spa services rather than the physical location a spa itself.

The core motivation behind those who frequent spas can be summarized in the following domains:

  • Fitness
  • Happiness
  • Feeling well
  • Looking the best you can
  • Work-life balance (de-stressing)
  • Financial stability

So the question for hotel operators then becomes, “How can we tap into these feelings with a value proposition of our own?” Because hotel guests are in a different frame of mind than the typical day spa client, we have to be able to tap into these same feelings by effectively capturing prospective clients with unique services.

Below we examine a fundamental aspect each hotel owner/operator should consider before adding a dedicated spa to their amenities.

To What Degree Does A Physical Location Impact ADR?

While most people associate hotel spas with luxury and feelings of exclusivity, market trends suggest that providing a dedicated spa location might be less important to revenue generation than hotel operators might typically think. That is why we at Spa Valet recommend any hotel operator to calculate whether adding a facility is necessary in the first place. The spa service itself might become quite popular, but offsetting the costs associated with the installation of a full-service spa facility might make generating revenue in the short-term much more daunting.

For our part, being able to offer a mobile spa cart, like the one you can purchase at Spa Valet, affords an establishment the ability to offer a full-service spa from the comfort of a guest’s room! It’s not very difficult to understand the appeal of allowing a guest to get pampered and fulfilled without ever having to leave their room!

Learn More About Spa Valet

We are just scratching the surface with regards to the hospitality industry and the prospect of including a spa offering for hotel operators. Though we believe this will be a helpful starting point for many owners who are in the beginning stages of this process, there is much more we’d like to share with you. So keep your eyes peeled for our next post, in which we’ll continue the discussion!

In the meantime, you can view the specs of our mobile spa cart (also called a beauty cart, spa dolly, or cosmetology trolley) right here!