In our last post, we detailed the process of determining if your hotel needs a mobile spa cart. The long explanation can be found in the link above, but the short answer is, unequivocally, “Yes, your hotel likely needs a mobile spa cart — and not just any spa cart — one that is masterfully made by Spa Valet.”

Today’s post is going to touch on that last point; what makes Spa Valet such an attractive option for hoteliers, spa owners, hospital managers, and others? If you do a quick online search for queries like “spa trolley,” “esthetician cart,” or even “cosmetology trolley,” you will probably find a few skeletal products that don’t come close to capturing the essence of Spa Valet’s cart. In terms of versatility and quality, there is nothing on the market that comes close. Keep reading to learn why.

Room Service Redefined

Let’s start generally. With Spa Valet’s mobile spa trolley, you are able to take your spa business anywhere. For spa owners, this means they are afforded the ability to perform spa treatments at venues they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Imagine being able to set up shop at the poolside of a country club for the weekend.

Likewise, hoteliers can have a dedicated, full-service spa service on offer, without having to worry about the exorbitant overhead costs. Even if there isn’t a room available in the hotel, a hotel can offer spa treatments from the comfort of a guest’s room. For guests who are looking for a private, luxurious, and unique spa experience, a hotel that utilizes our mobile spa cart can offer them exactly that.

The Spa Cart Itself

With well over 30 years in the spa industry, we are thrilled to present our spa trolley. Our industry knowledge and experience has been meticulously applied to offer a full-service solution that has been hailed by an array of experts, from USA Today Travel to Spa Examiner to American Spa.

The industry’s most fully-stocked and accessible spa cart offers features which include:

  • Hot Towel Warmer
  • Proprietary Heat Shelf
  • Basalt Stone Set
  • Bose Sound System
  • Facial Steamer
  • Massage Table
  • Pedi Bowl
  • LED Lamp
  • Retractable Nail Shelf

“I have come around to the idea of in-room spa treatments. Thanks to this cart, it cuts out the awkward prep time, by putting everything therapists and estheticians need right at their fingertips.” – Heather Mikesell (Executive Editor of American Spa Magazine)

The Bottom Line

As Heather Mikesell succinctly expresses, in-room spa treatments are something we will be seeing more and more of in the near future. For hotel owners considering the prospect of adding this service as a new revenue stream, we’ve found that it’s not unreasonable to expect a 300-room hotel to make an additional $62,000 in annual revenue from a single spa trolley. On top of that, of course, is the brand-differentiation a hotel will experience due to their ability to offer something largely novel in the industry.

For spa owners, we’ve found that it’s a realistic expectation to be able to pay off the cost of one Spa Valet Cart in less than six months. Once the mobile service is up and running, it’s quite feasible to be making roughly $175 per hour, because mobile spa services are usually billed at least 20 percent higher than an in-house treatment.

Ultimately, there is a lot to like about supplementing your establishment with an eye-catching service such as this. Choosing Spa Valet’s mobile spa cart means you receive top-line quality with financing and warranty options to back it up. We encourage you to learn more about Spa Valet through our FAQ page, linked above. If you are ready for your custom quote, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.