At Spa Valet, we make our customers’ lives easier by providing the best mobile spa cart on the market. When choosing Spa Valet, you give your guests and your employees a solution to all of the problems that come along with traditional spa services; our spa cart can be called a cosmetology trolley, a beauty cart, or a spa dolly — and no one would be in the wrong to do so!

Spa Valet Cart

  • Weighs just 200 pounds
  • Is 36” long by 55″ high and 29″ wide (with massage table attached)
  • Is 78.5″ long by 55″ high and 44″ wide (with facial steamer and nail shelf fully extended)
  • Uses a 120 volts, three-prong plug
  • Is limited to 12 AMPs maximum draw
  • Includes a 25′ retractable power cord

Hot Towel Warmer

  • Holds up to 20 hand towels
  • Includes a sanitizing UV Lamp
  • Heats towels up to 170 degrees

Proprietary Heat Shelf

  • Includes two heat settings (low is 135 degrees and high is 180 degrees)
  • Offers convenient use with a easy-glide shelf
  • Heats basalt stones and additional towels or blankets
  • Features a 10″ x 17″ heating surface area

Basalt Stone Set

  • A natural bamboo box
  • Two extra large circular facial basalt stones(110 by 70 by 30mm)
  • Six large circular facial basalt stones (75 by 55 by 25mm)
  • 14 medium circular facial basalt stones(65 by 45 by 20mm)
  • Six small circular facial basalt stones(40 by 30 by 20mm)
  • Six small ellipse hot stones
  • Eight toe stones (0 by 30 by 8mm)
  • Six small circular facial basalt stones (25 by 8mm)
  • Two small ovular white marble stones (40 by 30 by 8mm)

Bose System

  • Offers Bluetooth wireless sound
  • Measures 92″ by 7” by 2.3″
  • Weighs approximately 1.5 pounds

Facial Steamer

  • Uses distilled water only
  • Is constructed of high-quality metal and glass

Massage Table

  • Offers comfort with 2.5″ high density foam
  • Is conveniently sized at 28″ wide by 72″ long by 23” to 33″ high
  • Is made of beech and maple

Pedi Bowl

  • Is a convenient 20-quart stainless steel
  • Measuring 9″ deep with an 18” diameter
  • Is enclosed in a customized fabric case

Bring the world class spa to the guest’s room.


Financing for less than $275 a month.

Just think! As little as 5 treatments per month could cover your monthly payment.

To find out more about Spa Valet or to order your mobile spa cart, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.